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Professional Qualifications

Natalie Lane Eden, MBA, MA, LPC, LCPC

Natalie Lane Eden, MBA, MA, LCPC

A fully licensed clinical professional counselor in both the states of Pennsylvania and Illinois. A fellow pilgrim in the journey of life. A busy wife and mother.  


As a fully licensed clinical professional in the states of Illinois and Pennsylvania, I have a Masters of Arts in Clinical Psychology from The Chicago School of Professional Psychology with a 4.0 GPA. Other degrees include a Master’s degree in Business Administration from James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA as well as a Bachelor’s degree in English /Communications summa cum laude from Campbell University. In the business setting, I also have supervisory development training certification from the University of Virginia.


My prior work as a counselor at St. Mary's Outpatient Behavioral Health Clinic of Resurrection Hospital in Chicago, Illinois involved providing individual and group therapy to persons of all ages diagnosed with a wide variety of emotional challenges. At St. Mary's I performed case and crisis management and also co-led an adolescent group with a focus on developing self-esteem and social skills in teens. My studies have also included extensive coursework in addictions and motivational interviewing. I have experience and training in treating anxiety and posttraumatic stress disorders, more specifically EMDR therapy. I also have family systems training in helping clients to deal with ways to overcome transgenerational negative emotional and behavioral patterns. For several years I have had a private practice in downtown Chicago, IL and also I practice in Warren, Pennsylvania.

Professional Associations

Fully licensed in the states of Pennsylvania and Illinois , I am also a member of the American Counselor’s Association; Pennsylvania Counselors Association; Illinois Mental Health Counselor’s Association; and the Illinois Counseling Association. I have a professional profiles at and Psychology Today.

Spiritual Background

I have been a member of the Secular Order of Servants of Mary (OSSM, otherwise known as the lay order of Servites). A Church and community volunteer of various capacities for over 37 years, I have lead and assisted persons to include groups and organizations such as hospice, nursing homes, camps, kid's itineraries, prison ministry, Bible studies, military personnel, charities, and adoration programs. I have organized and led talks on various psychological and spiritual topics and pilgrimages to Rome and Mexico City.

Personal and Hobbies

I have been married for over 36 years and have two young adult children. I am a convert to the Roman Catholic Church. My hobbies include travel, writing, genealogy, and art.


Natalie Lane Eden, LLC


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